Social Good Online: Engagement and Action

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  • Many philanthropies, charities and even business have begun using social media to try and do social good.  Unfortunately, in a recent poll of 150 charities only 1 said that they were raising significant sums online.  Luckily our panel had plenty of thoughts about what does and doesn’t work for doing good online.

  • Soleil Moon Frye kicked us off by noting that there are many innovative groups online that are attempting to leverage social media to help people.  She expressed that beyond getting someone to pay attention, you also have to get them to act,  “That call to action is imperative.”

    A few charities that Soleil has worked with include; Alzheimr’s Association, J/P Haitian Relief Organization and Crowd Rise which she used on her birthday to raise money.  Chris joked that he usually just tries to get free drinks on his birthday, but that now maybe he’ll try Crowd Rise.  He continued to say that making it as easy as possible for people to help is important.

    Soleil agreed and said combining engagement, awareness and a call to action is the key to getting people involved.  She suggested that Charity Water was a great example.  She told us, “We have to evolve and we have to look at social good in a new light.”

    Speaking of light, Chris helped us end this segment on a light note by suggesting that incorporating more adult content with charities would be the sure way to get to his online attention.

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