ScarlettJohansonning: Like/Dislike?
  • “Ooo like, except when it’s dudes,” said G4’s resident film buff Chris Gore. He hadn’t heard of the meme, but was all for sending nude pictures, as long as you found a way to cleverly disguise them.

    “I do love taking portraits. I just don’t take them naked,” said actress and author Soleil Moon Frye.

    It seems most of you liked this meme on our What’s Trending Facebook page.

    We also grilled our panelists on their texting versus talking habits. A recent Pew research poll said one third of Americans prefer texting over talking, and host Shira Lazar brought up the fact that 18 through 24 do it the most. You overwhelmingly agreed that texting was the way to go.

    “I love communicating with someone –- I want that experience — but I’m never reachable,” Moon Frye said, admitting she’s an email over everything.

    “I will have my mom or dad text me first to schedule a phone call with me,” Gore said. “Absolutely, because I want my full attention to what my mom is saying actually I want to be able to put in a headset and then to dust or something.”

    “We want to be left alone, but we want to hang out,” he pointed out.

    Finally, Comedy Central went social with their Charlie Sheen roast. Their social media dashboard let viewers know which comedian was bombing or besting the roastee. Gore loved the idea, because he loved seeing who was not doing so hot. You also liked the social offerings as well.