Maurice Sendak Pens New "Scary" Children's Book
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    Maurice Sendak and his famous character from “Where The Wild Things Are” (Credit: PBS)

  • “Where The Wild Things Are” fans are celebrating because Maurice Sendak, who wrote the beloved children’s classic, has written and illustrated his first book in 30 years. “Bumble-Ardy,” which about a pig who has never had a birthday party, may seem lighthearted compared to Max and his monsters, but some parents are outraged at the scary nature of his book. The pig decided to throw a house party and gets some unexpected guests, including the Grim Reaper.

  • “Before that, the attitude towards children was: Keep them calm, keep them happy, keep them snug and safe,” Sendak explained to the New York Times. “It’s not a putdown of those earlier books. But basically, they went by the rules that children should be safe and that we adults should be their guardians. I got out of that, and I was considered outlandish. So be it.”

    Still, some parents and teachers are concerned that the nightmarish images may be too much for younger children. But, considering what kids see these days on television, we think it might not be so bad. After all, how bad could reading and a little bit of imagination be?

    Is “Bumble-Ardy” too scary for children?