International Day Of Peace Asks Us To Reflect On How We Can Make A Difference
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  • Happy International Day of Peace! This day where we celebrate our differences and embrace non-violent means of communication is being celebrated worldwide from the United Nations to various celebrities and activists around the world.

    “Peace Day” was started in September 1982 by the United Nations in order to emphasize the organizations policy toward worldwide peace and cooperation in achieving this goal. The day also doubles up as a Day of Ceasefire, both in the personal and political worlds.

    There’s no wrong way to celebrate the International Day of Peace. Simply spreading the word about the event, lighting a candle in honor of non-violence or offering a silent moment for peace are all acceptable forms of participation.

  • Peace Day TV on Livestream is streaming performances and events from around the globe, while publications like National Geographic are reminding us of influential people who have encouraged peace around the world.

    “When I realized there was an (official United Nations) International Day of Peace which an awful lot of people didn’t know about — I didn’t either — (I thought) maybe one thing I can do is help more people to understand there is at least one day in the world where we hope people will stop fighting physically and symbolize that what we all yearn for is a world without fighting,” Jane Goodall told National Geographic.

    How are you celebrating the International Day of Peace?