Skrillex Takes Over Social Media Thanks To Loyal Online Fan Base
  • Skrillex

    (Credit: Courtesy of Skrillex)

  • by Tonya Cooke from The Roxy

    Oh my God, did the rest of the world just find out about Skrillex? Apparently, so! Skrillex is an LA based DJ & producer and is currently taking over the world.

    If you check the social charts NextBigSound, you know there aren’t very many drastic changes in which artists are listed. There’s always going to be Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and all the major pop stars but this week, out of the Top 50, Skrillex debuted at number 23. That means there were so many online conversations about Skrillex that the beat out Britney Spears, Black Eyes Peas, & Kanye West, to name a few.

    How did he do it? He built roots.

    Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore) first stepped out on the music scene as the lead singer of hardcore band From First to Last in 1999. The band broke up in 2003 but Sonny had more to offer.

    He made his transformation into dub/house music and has slowly but surely taken over an entire new audience of fans since. One visit to his website encourages fans online to be a part of the community he has built. Fans get together, chat, and post the latest on Skrillex. This is, of course, not to mention his 1.6 million Facebook fans and 309,000 Twitter followers.

  • At 23, Sonny has made more of a footprint than most can ever dream of. His music is available, you know what he’s up to online, and if you watch closely, you can see him grow more & more with every play on his Facebook page. He’s featured on Spin Magazine’s Dance Issue and we can only assume that accounts for his jump in the charts, but we know it’s been a slow & steady pace that has made him reach Internet stardom.

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