Facebook Timeline Captures Your Whole Life On One Page
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    (Credit: Facebook.com)

  • Now your entire life can be captured on your Facebook Timeline.

    The Internet is buzzing over new social features unveiled during Facebook’s livestreamed F8 Developers Conference. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s first big announcement was the release of Timeline, which allows users to share their Facebook content in a more robust fashion than current profile pages. Described by Zuckerberg as “a new way for users to express who they are,” Timeline highlights a person’s activities, photos, and apps, and is topped off with a cover photo.

    The digital scrapbooking enhancements will undoubtedly make even more details and data about individuals available to the social network. This topic never ceases to turn into a heated debate on the interwebs. Here’s some Twitter conversation on the matter.

  • The beta period for Timeline starts now. To be eligible for Timeline, visit the Timeline page on Facebook, log into your account and click on Sign Me Up.