Melinda Clarke And Tonic Conspire To Change The World
  • Melindaclarke

    Melinda Clarke (Credit: IMDB)

  • By Jennifer Birn from Tonic

    What do you do when you find yourself sitting across from “Nikita’s” fierce Melinda Clarke at Bing’s CW Premiere Party?

    Ask her about changing the world, of course.

    Bing got the party started on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, CA and Tonic happily took it from there, chatting with Melinda about her fondest wishes for the future and clearing up some popular misconceptions about her, character.

    When asked about positive changes she’d like to see in the next ten years, Melinda put proper nutrition at the top of her list.

    “I was just telling my daughter that I think it’s really, really important for it to be a requirement for kids to learn to cook in school,” Melinda said, explaining, “If kids don’t know how to cook at home for themselves, and they think that fast food and even, unfortunately, a lot of food that’s in public schools across the Country, is real food, we’re in for a terrible, terrible future with our children.”

    Melinda says she often tells her daughter, “Make everything that you put in your mouth count. Food that doesn’t help your brain or help you grow, it’s meaningless.”

    And, if you think you know Melinda from her recent turn playing herself in the final season of “Entourage,” guess again. She told Tonic, “I enjoy playing the characters that I play, which I realize is because I’m not anything like them. I’ve been getting quite a response from the Entourage role, because it’s Melinda Clarke, but it’s really having fun with what people perceive as a personal persona. It’s a fictionalized version of myself. I don’t dress in Herve Leger, wear high heels and drive a yellow Ferrari. I’m in flip-flops, jeans and drive a Prius.”

    Jennifer Birn is from Tonic, a platform for people to find, share and do good.