How Entertainment Executives Use Social Media To Market To Multicultural Audiences
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    Soledad O’Brien and Lisa Gregorian (Credit: AdColor 2011)

  • by Macala Wright from Why This Way

    The media that consumers have access to is vast. Television programs and magazines are now available live, on demand and via mobile devices. Research shows that multicultural communities are out-pacing the general market in their consumption of the information available via digital channels. During AdColor 2011, a women’s panel lead by Soledad O’Brien, brought together Lisa Gregorian of Warner Bros., Christina Miller of NBA Digital, Janet Rolle of CNN and Eva Davis of Warner Bros. discussed the role of social media in successfully marketing to fans.

    The panel gave seven effective strategies that are moving agencies and media executives to the top of the pile when marketing to multicultural online consumers.

    While marketers are getting more adept and comfortable in the digital space, it was clear to me that next challenge is going be their ability to effectively connect with multicultural users as their social behavior patterns evolve. The next step will be for marketers to focus on loyalty and ROI.  They’ll have to figure out how to connect with fans on a deeper level that drive them to become evangelists for the shows, as well as convert loyal fans to shoppers.