#OccupyWallStreet And Annoying Childhood Friend: Memes You Might Have Missed
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    Anonymous at #OccupyWallStreet (Credit: Know Your Meme)

  • by Brad Kim and Don Caldwell of Know Your Meme

    Anonymous: #OccupyWallStreet Last Saturday, over one thousand demonstrators gathered in lower Manhattan near Wall Street for #OccupyWallStreet, a flash mob meet-up campaign launched by Adbusters and inspired by the Tarhir Square protests that led to ousting of the former Egyptian autocrat Hossani Mubarak. Amidst heavy police presence, demonstrators marched around Wall Street and Broad Street chanting, “All day, all week, occupy Wall Street” throughout the week, drawing the attention of news media outlets as well as remote supporters who were able to tune in through Livestream.

    By the third day of protests, it was confirmed that at least seven demonstrators were arrested by NYPD, including at least four Anonymous protesters who were wearing their signature Guy Fawkes masks in violation of New York City’s anti-mask law dating back to 1845.

    But the occupation of Wall Street not quite over yet. On Wednesday, Anonymous declared this coming Saturday as the “Day of Vengeance,” calling on all supporters to assemble in Wall Street for yet another weekend of IRL protests.

  • Anti-Nostalgia: Annoying Childhood Friend A photo of a young smirking boy with a bowl-cut hairstyle has been turned into a funny image macro series that instantly reminds us of all the obnoxious bratty kids we all had to deal with in our childhood. He was that kid in school who won the first place at the science fair because his parents did all the work, he cheated in every video game that you played him against, but ten years later, he friended you on Facebook as if he used to be your best friend.

    An auction for an antique photo of a man looking suspiciously similar to 47-year-old actor Nicolas Cage became an Internet hit after popping up on eBay. According to the now-defunct auction page, the seller claimed that photo from 1870 was evidence that Cage was an immortal vampire, and has been assuming various identities ever since.

    On Twitter: @Qwikster on the Loose! Past Sunday, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced via e-mail newsletter that the company will be split into a streaming and DVD-only services. While keeping “Netflix“ for streaming only, Hastings revealed Qwikster as the new brand for their traditional DVD mail services, a shortcut for quick delivery.

    However, Netflix neglected to notice that the Twitter handle for their new brand name was already in use by Jason Castillo, who eventually noticed that he had gained thousands of followers overnight. On the following day, Qwikster Tumblr was created, declaring itself “Netflix’s unwanted offspring.” Several parody Twitter accounts were also created, such as Qwiksters two through six, featuring pictures of other Sesame Street characters as avatars.

    Photoshop Fad: Celebs Without Eyebrows A photo editing fad that involves erasing the eyebrows off various celebrities has spawned several blog sites dedicated to cataloging the disturbing images. It seems that no celebrity can escape from this trend, except for maybe, Whoopi Goldberg (she shaves them).

    The practice is somewhat reminiscent of Steve Buscemi another celebrity-photo editing fad that involves superimposing Steve Buscemi’s eyes over other famous people’s faces.

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