"X Factor" Auditions Show More Than Parents Bargain For
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    Geo Godly gave judges an eyeful, not an earful (Credit: “X Factor”)

  • The only world is buzzing about “The X Factor,” the newest overseas reality television import that will supposedly find the most talented person in America. Judges Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Cheryl Cole mentor their own contestants as well as judge the others. As an added bonus, the show is open to group acts and all ages. The winner takes home $5 million and a record contract with Epic Records — not to mention a boatload of press.

    But one contestant decided to take matters into his hands, ensuring he wouldn’t be the winner but assuring he would be written about. Geo Godly decided to drop his pants during his performance and sing completely nude to the crowd. The stunt caused Abdul to leave saying she would be sick and Reid to say, “That was offensive, disgusting, distasteful, upsetting — get him out of the building please!”

  • A parents’ group is now filing a claim with the FCC, saying that they were misled into believing this was a wholesome show that children could watch. Especially since the segment was not live and pre-taped, they argue that “X Factor” producers added the stunt in for publicity. Even though no nudity was shown — a giant X covered his genitals — they said that it still had the same obscene effect.

    Godly, however, claims he thought the people watching would like the stunt. ““I was in key, everything was going well,” he said after the performance. “My pants were down and I was jumping around and all of a sudden the audience turned against me. I don’t know what happened. I thought they’d like it.”

    Should “X Factor” be fined for public indecency?