Why Sexting And Those Illicit Chats Might Help You Find Your Soulmate
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  • Mostly we hear about sexting when it revolves around stories about celebrities getting their cell phones hacked or high school students gone awry. But, could sexting and online activities actually help you find your soulmate and make you more sexually independent?

    “What are the main reasons that people get divorced? Sex, finances, communication: That’s the reasons why people get divorced,” explained Doctor Diane Kholos Wysocki, a professor of sociology at the University of Nebraska, Kearney to What’s Trending. Her research and the work of many other sociologists have shown that people are going online and using services like sexting to find compatibility.

    “It’s anonymous you can go for specifically for what you are interested in, what you want,” she elaborated. “Let’s say one man wants someone to make him wear pink panties and spank him. The cost of asking people around him is too high, but he can find someone on the internet. And, there is no cost. All he has to do is end the communication and turn if off.”

    Wysocki was involved in a July study titled, “Let My Fingers Do The Talking: Sexting and Infidelity in Cyberspace.” The study, surveyed 5500 who used the Ashley Madison website, which focuses on making matches for people in relationships. Two-thirds of the women surveyed admitted to sexting, while only half of the men said they tried it. “I think that the women it was surprising because there were older women,” Wysocki said. ” Maybe because the women on this website were taking more responsibility for their own sexuality. Maybe as women get older they know what they want and they know how to ask for it.”

    But it’s not just sexting and the online world that has helped women. Wysocki says 70 percent of those surveyed said they ended up meeting the person they started communicating with online. The Web is only “a vehicle” to finding someone — and with all the different ways you can feel safe communicating, it’s proving to be a better one. She said research shows once someone finds someone they get along with online, they are much more likely to meet in person.

    “It’s easier to find anything we need on the Internet,” Wysocki said. “If my dog has a fever, I go on the Internet to find out what it might be. It’s the same as sexuality. The Internet has made our lives great.”

    “So the next question will be: Has the Internet made us start cheating? No it hasn’t because cheating was there way before the Internet since the advent of bars.”