Twitter Cheers on Diana Nyad Swim

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  • 62 year-old Diana Nyad is attempting an epic swim from Cuba to Florida. She trying to be the first woman to complete the 103 mile open water swim without a shark cage.

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    Diana Nyad swimming

  • Two hours into the swim Nyad received multiple stings from a Portuguese Man-of-War. She was able to tread water for about an hour and before continuing on. Sharks and barracudas have also been spotted along her journey so far.

    This is the second try at a Cuba to Florida swim by the veteran long-distance swimmer. Under the rules for a record swim attempt, Diana can stop only once an hour to take high-energy food and liquids, but cannot touch a specially equipped boats.

    Nyad has a team of about 30 people keeping an eye on her as she treads on. Thankfully, at least one of them is blogging and tweeting from the brave swimmer’s official accounts. Even though she can’t stop to read, many people are offering their support over Twitter.

    UPDATE: Diana has decided to stop swimming due to the painful Man-of-War stings that have left her face and body greatly swollen.

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