Top 10 Most Buzzed-About Fall Movies in Social Media
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  • Contagion, released to huge buzz, which translated at the box office to knock The Help out of its #1 position. Leading up to release, people were intrigued and terrified by the premise. Coming out of opening weekend, conversation is centering on the reality of the plot (“headin’ home from a double feature saw: Contagion (this could really HAPPEN!!!), and Creature (messed up!!!). wow!”) and jokes about it (“Contagion was pretty good. I’ve been stuck in the theater because I can’t touch the door handles.”)

    The Rum Diary rounds out the top 3 most anticipated Fall movies. Positive buzz stems from fans of Johnny Depp- similar to what we saw with Rango earlier this year. (“I just saw the trailer of “The Rum Diary”..I think I’m falling for Johnny everytime I see him!!! #psycho #inlove #fan #desperate and #psycho”). However, there’s negativity coming from fans of the book who are frustrated that the trailer doesn’t seem to ring true (“this trailer reaffirms what I’ve been saying for years: don’t turn “The Rum Diary” into a movie. it won’t work”). Stronger negatives are typical for sequels and book adaptations, though, so this isn’t too alarming.

    Paranormal Activity 3 has the potential to be one of the more successful horror movies this year. While negative sentiment is strong, this is normal for horror movies and also for sequels. One scene in particular, the bloody mary scene, is generating a lot of buzz. (“I hope PA3 is gonna be sweet! That bloody mary part in the trailer freaked meout! #TweetYourScream”)

    Drive is appealing to both males and females in social media. Women love Ryan Gosling- especially after this year’s Crazy Stupid Love, and men love the fast cars (“Ryan Gosling AND fast cars? I have to see #drive.).

    Another Gosling movie picking up steam in social media is The Ides of March, though people aren’t as passionate about this one. Volume is high, in part due to the Venice Film Festival last week, but sentiment is fairly neutral. What sentiment there is around this film centers on the cast (“Damn! Ides of March trailer looks awesome. Clooney, Ryan Gosling- & Philip Seymore Hoffman. #fantastic”)

    Baseball and Brad Pitt are driving conversation for Moneyball. And people seem equally excited about both (“So already got plans for @DreaDoesItBest’s birthday; Gonna see the movie “Moneyball” A movie about baseball &Brad Pitt. #Perfect.