Jay-Z Announces the Brooklyn Nets
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    Source: Vibe

  • Part-owner of the New Jersey Nets, media mogul, and Hip hop superstar Jay-Z has announced that the Nets will retain their mascot name upon moving to a new arena in Brooklyn next year. The Brooklyn Nets will play in the currently-under-construction Barclay’s center during the 2012-2013 season in downtown of the New York City borough.

    The announcement was made this morning in a very short ceremony. Shortly, thereafter Jay-Z also announced the series of concerts that will celebrate the opening of the arena in September of 2012, just before the NBA preseason. When asked how many concerts the series would entail Jay-Z responded, “Maybe one, two, maybe three.” The famed rapper then acknowledged this response was a dig at LeBron James’ claims of influence in potential future Miami Heat championships.

    The owners toured the arena for the first time following the branding announcement this morning. Upon seeing the arena, Jay-Z made his big announcement regarding the concert series.

    Rumors have swirled in recent months over a potential re-branding. But, during a Q&A following the announcement, management revealed focus group test subjects preferred the retention of the ‘Nets’ moniker.

  • It seems like most social media attention is simple retweeting of the news, with few people offering opinions on the name.

  • What do you think about the Brooklyn Nets?