Occupy Wall Street: The Next American Revolution?
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  • What’s Trending panelists Mark Frauenfelder and Romany Malco weighed in on what they think can be done to close the gap between social classes, and whether or not this movement could possibly turn into something bigger.

    “I applaud the effort of people actually physically getting the effort to get off their butts and go do something,” said Frauenfelder. “But I would like to see that effort used in an affective way to affect the change, because we all know that there is a huge problem with Wall Street.”

  • Like Frauenfelder, Malco “applauds the people that are making an effort,” but he says that Obama should take on the heat for what’s happening. “Just let Obama get tear gased and beat down with the night sticks…you know let him take the ass-whoopin.”
  • Watch the Real Time Conversation unfold here.