Facebook Timeline: Who Owns Your Biography?
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  • Facebook Timeline was one of the biggest announcements at last week’s F8 conference. The new profile platform for Facebook helps you organize your full life and all it’s stories online. But, how does the story of your life fit into their business plan?

    Mark Frauenfelder started us off implying that you’re not going to get something cool, like Timeline, for free. He said, “If you’re not paying for it with money, you’re paying for it somehow.” He continued to explain that what Facebook is getting out of you using Timeline is more information about you.

    Actor Romany Malco took a different approach, comparing the new profile to McDonalds. He thinks that even though the service is optional, people will not be able to resist the urge to post everything about their lives. He predicted that when something someone posts turns around to bite them that they’ll say “I want to sue Facebook for exploiting my information.”

  • Romany suggested treating Facebook Timeline like someone you want to date, joking, “You say what you want her to know.” Implying that perhaps you shouldn’t put EVERYTHING in your timeline.

  • Mark added that although it’s the users choice, the boxes and processes for opting in or out for Timeline might be confusing to someone who is not tech savvy.

    Are you looking forward to Timeline on Facebook?