Wet Goddess is a Novel About a Man’s Sexual Relationship with a Dolphin

Wet Goddess is a Novel About a Man's Sexual Relationship with a Dolphin
By Matthew Arevalo
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  • Now 60, Malcolm’s book has the subtitle of ‘recollections of a dolphin lover’ and details his 9-month sexual relationship ‘set at the height of Vietnam protests, Jimi Hendrix and LSD.. a story of strange encounters, awkward misadventures, and ultimately, love’ with Dolly.

    He states that he was given access to the dolphin area while working as a photographer and stationed at Floridaland.

    Dolly became more and more aggressive, then gentle which Brenner recalls, “I found extremely erotic. It’s like being with a tiger or a bear. This is an animal that could kill you in two seconds if it wanted to.”

    He’s not married, but Brenner said he has two ex-wives who knew about his fling with Dolly.

    Here are some the tweets from people responding to the story:

  • He began writing the novel all the way back in 1973, and shortly after excerpts were published in the 1974 anthology “Mind In The Waters” and Penthouse, according to Brenner.

    He finished the book in 2000 and spent the next decade trying to get it published. So far he has sold about 230 paperback copies and 20 e-books. Vendors sell it for $16.95 on Amazon.

    Most of the reviews for the book seem to be from people who are just trying to have a laugh, including a man who discusses his relationship with his guinea pig:

    “I’ve owned a guinea pig for a couple years now. Her name is Fluffy, and I’m pretty sure she flirts with me. She squeaks enthusiastically when I pet her back, lets me feed her alfalfa sprouts by hand, and sometimes lightly nibbles on my fingers.

    After reading Wet Goddess, I now know that Fluffy IS flirting with me and signaling that she wants a more intimate relationship. I told her it’s time to stop playing games and let’s do this if we’re gonna do this. She seemed receptive, so I’m taking her out on a date this Friday. We’re doing a tour of a mulching company and will sample some wood chips at the end of it. After we’ve had our fill, we’ll go the McDonalds playland because they have those tubes you can crawl in, and I know Fluffy loves crawling thru tubes.”