Top 3 Surprises From Last Night’s X-Factor

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  • Which leads us to wonder two things: first, with Idol, The Voice, Sing-off, etc. how can there still be this much raw undiscovered talent in America? And, second, how is it possible that such a vast number of tone deaf rejects can honestly take the stage believing they have a voice capable of competing? There are no real answers to these questions, but food for thought.

    In the mean time, we pulled out our favorite three jewels from last night’s show all leaning more towards the raw talent side and away from the atrocious disasters. You’re welcome.

    Josh works at a burrito restaurant and his mom drove him to the auditions. She think’s he’s cool.

  • In Chicago, music partners from Springfield, Missouri are two blond best friends who smile at each other a lot.

  • Finally, 16 year old country singer Skelor Anderson is singing because he loves it and because he wants to help his mom. Things began dramatic when the music cut out and had issues.

  • Did you have a favorite from this episode?

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