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  • Earlier on Monday, the NYPD officer who was seen in a YouTube video pepper-spraying female protesters during last weekend’s Occupy Wall Street march was identified as Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna. This vigilante investigation was claimed by none other than the Internet collective Anonymous, who posted Bologna’s address and other personal information online, with the warning “Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!”

    While the NYPD initially defended his behavior claiming it was “appropriate,” it was announced later in the week that the Internal Affairs will be conducting an investigation into the officer’s behavior.

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  • Grammer Nazi Art: The Alot

    Frequent exposure to a common Internet spelling mistake inspired web comic creator Allie Brosh to invent a brown furry creature with horns known as “the Alot.” The creature is meant to be used as a sort of coping mechanism when confronted with the error, and is used as a cute way to point it out the mistake to the offending party. Instead of raging about someone mistakenly writing the phrase “alot of fire,” you can just picture a brown furry monster lit up like the human torch from the Fantastic Four.

  • Viral Media: What Does It Feel Like to Fly Over Planet Earth

    If you consider yourself a space geek and frequent YouTube, you’ve gotta check out this time-lapse montage of planet Earth compiled by science educator James Drake. The video was put together using 600 photographs taken by astronauts, all of which are available on NASA’s media database The Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth. The original video was uploaded on September 2nd, but following an impromtu workshop session on YouTube, Drake uploaded a smooth, refined version on September 15th. In the process of discussing optimal frames per second (FPS), over 60 edited versions and other derivatives with custom background music were uploaded as response videos.

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  • Trolling Social Networks: Facebook Gold Accounts

    After false rumors that Facebook would begin charging for their social networking service started circulating through gullible people’s status updates, an old trolling technique sprung up in retaliation. The prank involves posting a fake image that reads “this image requires a Facebook gold account,” intending to fool the victim into thinking they are unable to view a picture because they are lacking a premium account. Screenshots of comment threads were people have fallen for the prank have made their way on to sites like Reddit, making the practice even more popular.

    Know Your Meme: Chuck Testa

    Haven’t seen the viral commercial sensation of California taxidermist Chuck Testa yet? Check in with our Internet scientist Forest for a quick walk-through:

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