Yahoo’s What’s Spiking for October 3rd

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  • These are some of the top items that we are seeing spike in Search on Yahoo!:

    Amanda Knox: Over the past 7 days, searches for Amanda Knox have gone up +3,249%. For the first time since a one day spike in late June (due to forensic police evidence being discredited in the Knox case), the appeal case of Amanda Knox is garnering more attention than Casey Anthony, who was acquitted on July 5th of this year. Halloween impact: Searches for both Amanda Knox (and Jessica Rabbit) and Casey Anthony Halloween costumes are spiking on Yahoo!

    Martha’s Daughter: Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha Stewart, is getting a lot of buzz on Yahoo! today. Searches for her are up 5523%. Alexis has released a somewhat controversial book that mentions some of her mother’s unique parenting skills. Other related searches include: Alexis Stewart blog, Alexis Stewart baby, Alexis Stewart husband and “how old is Martha Stewart

    Most Common Birthday: Did you know that October 5th is the most common birthday? Searches for “birthday gifts” are up 194% this month, searches for “teen birthday party ideas” are up 116%. The top buzzing birthday this month: Beyonce’s birthday (she turned 30)

    Who Is? It is time for our monthly round up of “who is” searches. The top spiking “who is” searches on Yahoo! this month are: “who is the girl with the dragon tattoo”, “who is Chaz Bono”, “who is Amanda Knox”, “who is Anderson Coopers mother”, “who is Bradley cooper”, “who is Herman Cain” and “who is Kim Delaney

    Slice-o-matic: searches for the latest infomercial product are spiking 684%. Slice-o-matic’s campaign must be working wonders because the product is buzzing. According to Yahoo! Clues data 51% of searches come from females. More than 75% of searches come from those over 35.

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