Cyberbullying: How We Can Stop It

  • October is National Bullying Prevention month and What’s Trending decided to join the conversation by discussing cyberbullying. It is something that affects millions of children everyday. Some statistics show that 50% of children have experienced some sort of bullying.

    Alison Haislip started us off by suggesting that anonymity can be a contributing factor to online harassment. She offered that parents need to make their children aware of how internet culture works saying, “Just because you’re not face to face with someone, doesn’t mean you can’t hurt them.”

    Nick told us that he thinks whether online or offline, it’s comes down to simple parenting. He said, “The more that you teach (your kids) that it’s just weakness to bully somebody, that hopefully the less it will happen.”

  • Both Nick Kroll and Alison were surprised when Shira mention that in Canada all children have to take a class called ‘moral social development.
  • As to whether our panel thought that there should be additional legislation, Alison thought enforcing that might be difficult.