A Livestream Birth: Like/Dislike

  • During this episode’s Like/Dislike, our panelists shared their views on Ricky Gervais rejoining Twitter, credit lines being given to people based on their Klout score, and a woman livestreaming her natural childbirth.

    Nick and Alison both liked the fact that Ricky has given the Twitterverse another chance. The former host of the Golden Globes is using his social media stream to make his followers laugh, of course, and share his views on the entertainment industry.

    “I think after his hosting experience and the way that the online reacted to him he has to have a presence online, you know,” said Alison. “Those are his people now.”

  • When asked to give their opinions about a bank granting credit lines for high Klout scores, both panelists agreed the idea is typical, but not necessarily a good direction for our online culture.
  • Nick said, “It’s crazy to think that it’d be easier for Heidi Montag to get a loan than any of us.”

    “I would never want to sell out in that kind of way,” shared Alison. “I wouldn’t want to just be like ‘oh yeah, you can have access to all of my friends and followers if you give me a loan on my house.”

    As for the Canadian mother livestreaming the birth of her child on the Internet to empower women, Nick jokingly liked the idea, while Alison was on the fence.

    “I try to sneak into hospitals all the time, and I usally don’t get in, so this is a good opportunity for me,” Nick said.

    Meanwhile, Alison said she doesn’t mind the mother livestreaming the event, but she doesn’t quite understand how the act will “empower women.” “Women have been birthing children since the dawn of time,” said Alison. “I don’t know if we need to actually watch it.”

    The What’s Trending community disliked all three topics.