Occupy Wall Street: Micah White from Adbusters

  • Occupy Wall Street is an ongoing demonstration protesting against socio-economic inequality and corporate greed in America. The movement was started by the organization Adbusters and has now spread to over 80 cities across the country. We chatted with Micah White from Adbusters about the first protest back on September 17th in New York and what the main goals are for the participants.

    Micah explained that Adbusters has been advocating for a citizen movement against corporations for 20 years and that in July of this year they began considering doing a protest on Wall Street. He told us that Adbusters call to action was, “responded to so enthusiastically that…they organized themselves.”

    Our guest insisted that despite the growth of the movement the message and focus remains the same as when they started. “The idea of Occupy Wall Street is to revive people’s democracy,” he stated. Additionally he told us, “We are sick of the corporate political parties deciding the agenda of America.”

  • As for the practical outcome of the demonstrations, Micah hopes that there will be, “economic justice.” Specifically, he liked to see a ‘transaction tax’ on international financial speculation, the reinstatement of the Glass-Stegall Act and the revocation of corporate personhood.
  • The demonstration and protests show no signs of slowing down and if Micah White’s passion is any indication, the Occupy Wall Street movement is far from over.