Cyborgs & Manic Pixie Girls – This Week’s Unsigned and Independent Top 5

Cyborgs & Manic Pixie Girls - This Week's Unsigned and Independent Top 5
By Matthew Arevalo
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    Thrushes describes themselves as a post-punk indie shoegaze band, but really this Baltimore band is just awesome. Their sound is heavily influenced by 90’s indie rock with honey-sweet female vocals that carry an undercurrent of urgency and emotion.

    Fantine is a world traveler whose music took her on tour in Australia in 2010. This year saw the release of her first single and we hope she never stops. Her video features Fantine trading her usual electro-indie backing for an acoustic guitar. It really lets Fantine’s voice shine.

    Kith & Kell is a folk project from Southern California’s Kellen Malloy. This video features beautiful vintage nature footage… vintage is the wrong word, completely modern footage shot on an iPhone using an 8mm film application. There really is an app for everything.

    Ariel Rubin has it all, great voice, beautifully shot video, and a ukulele. Her EP Big Spoon came out in July thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign. We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who got her EP into the world.

    Maxwell Powers describes himself as half robot, half man. Actually he is 100% amazing. Maxwell creates beautifully catchy, synth-pop music and happens to be one of the most entertaining music video creators we could find. He makes our team very happy, we hope you agree.

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