iPhone 4S: A Million in One Day
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  • On Friday, Apple reported that a record one million people preordered the company’s new iPhone 4S in just 24 hours. Even though online chatter revolving around the fact that (gasp!) no iPhone 5 was announced at last week’s Apple keynote was rampant, that didn’t stop a plethora of consumers from racing to Apple stores to warm up for the smartphone’s predecessor.

    In this segment the What’s Trending panel looked at the reasoning behind this onslaught of purchases? Is it loyalty to the late great Apple Founder Steve Jobs? Does emotion drive sales? Or, is the iPhone 4S a game changing device?

    “You throw an Apple logo on a toaster and I’m there,” said Kevin Pereira.

    Greg Grunberg jokingly said he’d hears a rumor that iPhone 4S stands for “iPhone for Steve.” On a more serious note, he pointed out that the new carriers like Sprint lure in the non-Apple converts.

    So was it Apple or Steve Jobs that inspired such a strong culture around Apple products? Kevin said, you can’t separate the two.

  • How has Apple culture affected your life?