Netflix Quits Qwikster: Like/Dislike
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  • From the Disney 3D re-releases to William Shatner’s latest album to the demise of Qwikster, Kevin Pereira, Greg Brunberg, and the “What’s Trending” community had plenty of fodder to chew on during this episode’s Like/Dislike segment.

    While Greg has three kids and Kevin has a young niece, both our panelists gave the Disney 3D move a thumbs down. “I’m excited to be able to take my niece to see these movies,” shared Kevin.”I’m concerned to scramble her brain with 3D. It’s not safe for kids under the age of six.”

    Meanwhile, Greg said that this is just a way for the studios to make more money. “It’s not gonna be spectacular. Nemo is not gonna swim up to you and give you a kiss.”

    As for William Shatner’s their musical release “Seeking Major Tom,” Greg gave the project a “major dislike,” while Kevin complimented the album art.

    The majority of the “What’s Trending” audience gave Shatner’s latest gimmick a big Like.

    And as for the quick termination of Qwikster, “Reed Hastings is like an ex-girlfriend that doesn’t get the hint,” said Kevin.

    Even though Greg found the setting of Hasting’s announcement by a pool in an apartment building “weird”, he said he appreciated their rapid response to what Netflix customers were saying on social media about Qwikster.

  • What do you think of William Shatner’s latest musical endeavor?