Darth Vader, Metallica and Super Bass - The Viral Top 5
  • Kids being incredibly cute are often some of the most shared videos online, and this week was no exception.

  • A group of boys rocking out a cover of Enter Sandman renewed our faith in the next generation of rockers.

  • A little girls Disneyland birthday surprise, has entertained millions of viewers.

  • Sometimes the most talented member of the family isn’t the person closest to the camera. A great one-minute watch with a perfect last line.

  • (SPOILER ALERT) This is a video of kid finding out that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.

  • And finally, even though Sophia Grace Brownlee’s parents haven’t learned how to shoot video properly on an iPhone, we just had to give Sophia her props for this cover of Super Bass that has received over 6 million views.