David Choi performs “You Were My Friend” LIVE on What’s Trending

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  • As for why he became an independent artist, Choi told us, “Doing it yourself you have more control and freedom to anything you want.” He then joked that the thing that originally brought him to YouTube was good old fashioned boredom.

    Choi admitted that his success online has surprised him as much as anyone. “It was not something that I really planned on doing,” he said about becoming a performer.

    Choi said he finds inspiration everywhere, which helped when writing his new album Forever and Ever. He described the tone of his new album as, “a little more poppier, more up tempo and happier.”

    Well, the What’s Trending Studio was certainly happy when Choi picked up his guitar and treated us to a performance of his beautiful song,   “You Were My Friend”.

  • What’s your favorite David Choi song?

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