Epic Battles: This Weeks Viral Top 5

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  • There is nothing better than a showdown between two great competitors. Thankfully this week the web has been full of them. Here are 5 of the top epic battle videos that everyone’s been sharing.

  • This Dora the Explorer parody teaches you a few lessons you won’t learn on Nickelodeon.

  • What happens when you compare two of the top computer companies, two of the hottest tablet devices and two competing operating systems all at once? Check it out.

  • Dude Perfect has been entertaining us online for a while, but they have really taken it up a notch by challenging a frisbee expert to a showdown.

  • Westboro Baptist Church decided to protest the Foo Fighters Kansas City concert. So, the rock band decided to give the protestors a special show.

  • And, although some battles are very one-sided, they still make for great viewing. Take a look at what happens when a bike meets a red hartebeest in Africa.

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