Can Google and YouTube Change Hollywood?

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  • Illeana Douglas started off our discussion with a laugh quipping, “I certainly would love to be one of those people that gets a little bit of that money.”

    The indie producer of Easy to Assemble then went on to explain “the ownership issue still hasn’t really been tackled.” Douglas suggested that retaining certain rights to your content helps when you’re trying to turn your show into a business.

    Cameron, who’s new show Ultimate Proposal on Yahoo is doing very well, indicated he’s excited about the direction of online content. “There’s a real momentum here,” he said.

    Mathison also suggested that the addition of big studios to the online space might be encouraging to independent creator.

    When we dipped into discussing All My Children, which Cameron is part of, he got a big laugh when he told us it will have, “less restrictions than your normal soap opera.” He then amazed the panel by saying that the online version is aiming to operate at basically the same production budget as the TV version which ran for 41 years.

    Watch the compelling segment and let us know your thoughts on Hollywood moving online.

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