Rihanna's 'Talk That Talk' UNLOCKED New Fans
  • The newest Rihanna album, ‘Talk That Talk,’ is getting a lot of online talk due to a strong showing with the artist’s interactive new facebook app, Rihanna UNLOCKED.

    The app is fairly simple. Upon ‘liking’ the UNLOCKED page, a user is charged with missions to discover content from ‘Talk That Talk.’ Mission rewards include lyrics to new songs, album art, the single “We Found Love” and additional album information.

    Traffic to Rihanna’s site has exploded in the last month. Nearly 208 million users have visited the app. In the days since the app’s early September launch, Rihanna’s already robust Twitter account has garnered a one million follower increase. With those members, has come over two and a half million tweets about UNLOCKED.

    At this point, clearly Rihanna and her team have employed a successful user engagement model, but the greatest question remains. Will this social media experience translate to album sales with consumers?

    ‘Talk That Talk,’ is scheduled to drop later this fall on November 18th. In the meantime, here’s one of Rihanna’s newest videos that has received over 36 Million views in just a month.