Memes of the Week: TMNT Noses, Siri Says and The Wadsworth Constant
  • Bieber  300x264
  • The latest meme to pop out of Tumblr this week is a simple yet brilliant graffiti that can make nearly anyone’s nose appear as if it is the head of a 1980’s cartoon character. The practice seems to be centered around editing pictures of celebrities including Justin Bieber, Angelina Jolie, Steve Buscemi and Larry David. So far, the only character safe from the fad appears to be Lord Voldemort.

  • Hacked 300x229
  • Over the last weeknd, the official YouTube channel for the classic children’s television series Sesame Street was compromised by hackers who managed to replace the entire channel’s video uploads with explicit pornography this past weekend. YouTube shut down the smut-filled account fairly quickly after it became aware of the hack and was able to swap admin access over to the channel’s rightful owners the next day.

  • – Internet Axiom: The Wadsworth Constant

    A pearl of wisdom popped out of a thread on the social news website Reddit when a user named Wadsworth commented that he always skipped the first 30% of any video he stumbled upon online, as the intro was typically useless information. Another commenter dubbed the observation the “Wadsworth Constant” and the Internet’s latest axiom was born. A developer at YouTube, who also happens to be a Redditor, has since enabled the parameter “wadsworth=1” to be added to the end of a YouTube URL that will skip past the first 30% of any video.

  • – Single Topic Blog: Sh*t That Siri Says:

    As expected, Apple’s voice-enabled assistant app Siri has been generating a lot of buzz, like this single topic Tumblr blog documenting some of the best chat logs between iPhone users and their witty mobile pals. Since the release of iPhone 4S in early October, the futuristic application has been tested with all sorts of questions, from deep philosophical ponderings like “what is the meaning of life?” to the classic knock-knock setups and apparently, it seems to be handling them pretty well. Even prior to the release of the phone, the YouTube commercial video for Siri was remixed and parodied with other fictional super-intelligent A.I.s like H.A.L 9000 and GLaDOS.

  • Aaa 218x300
  • Here’s an image macro series to that girl that every guy knows about. Fiona is the type of girl who will flirt and lead you on, but she’ll leave you in this zone of friendship because she loves you like a brother. Based on an iStockphoto of a laughing woman and unexpected humor derived from forced line breaks, Friend Zone Fiona was born out of Reddit’s Advice Animals sub-reddit in August 2011. More recently emerged a sequel series known as “Friend-zoned Phil,” which chronoicles the epic hardships of Phil who desperately wants to be more than friends with Fiona. Sad stories, bro.

  • Aa 300x221
  • ESL instructor Scott Stillar at the University of Tsukuba in Japan has been using Rage Comics as a refreshing tool for his students to practice English. Since his launch of “EFL comics” subReddit on October 3rd, many ESL site users including Stillar’s students have been sharing webcomic dialogues that are often written in absurd English, which is just the kind of things that Reddit loves. The EFL rage comics received much attention after getting featured in “the best of Subreddits” section on October 18th.