The 8,000 Calorie Meal: Like/Dislike

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  • The first story up on the block was that of Lisa Simeone, a radio host for “Soundpoint” – a documentary program that airs on 35 NPR affiliates – who was fired last week for organizing an Occupy Wallstreet protest in Washington, DC. Taryn, Justin and our viewers all gave this a Dislike.

    Take This Lollipop is a new Facebook video experience by Jason Zada that creates a custom film where a stalker hunts you using your profile information. Taryn called the eerie video, “the future of entertainment,” and Justin compared it to a personalized haunted house. As you might guess, they both Liked it, as did most of you.

    The Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas is offering a meal including a Quadruple Bypass Burger that has a calorie count of 8,000 (no, that’s not a typo). Taryn, a vegetarian, was quick to give it a thumbs down. Justin just found whole premise sad, bizarre and probably bad business.

    The magician noted that if those over 350lbs eat for free, “Doesn’t that eventually put you out of business? Because, you get all of your customers fat, you end up having to feed them for free.”

    As for the What’s Trending viewers, it was mostly a Like for the mega-calorie meal.

  • What were your Likes and Dislikes of the week?

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