Tebowing, Daylight Savings Time and The In Living Color Reboot: Like or Dislike
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  • We started with the Denver Bronco Quarterback Tim Tebow inspired meme of Tebowing. Alex, Jamie and even Tim Tebow himself liked the prayer pose photo meme, but, according to our Facebook poll, the majority of you disliked it. Jamie Kennedy tried to sway some you to the Like side by saying, “He a righteous dude. He’s not going into his car without his panties. He’s not caught with drugs. Why is that bad?”

    Most of the U.S. is getting ready to “fall back” this Sunday, but our panel was baffled by the fact that Daylight Savings Time was trending so highly. Alex decided to jump into the mix though by saying, “I’m a fan because I like the surprise of waking up late.” He then immediately backpedaled by adding, “Actually, the iPhone has changed my desire to care about this at all.”

    As for the popular 90’s sketch comedy show, In Living Color, making a comeback, once again our panel gave it the Like, while the audience gave it a heavy Dislike. Jamie described the original show’s writers and cast as “legendary” and said about the show creator Keenen Ivory Wayans, “He’s been a godfather for like 25 years.”

    The panel and the audience were not in agreement, and that may be exactly what made this such a memorable segment of Like or Dislike.

  • What was your biggest Like or Dislike this week?