Supernatural's Jared Padalecki: How His Baby News and Twitter Inspired Him to Give Back
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  • Supernatural’s supernaturally gorgeous star Jared Padalecki met his stunning wife Genevieve Cortese when she briefly co-starred on the hit CW show. The beautiful duo married February 27, 2010 and Jared confirmed via Twitter Oct. 11th that he and Gen are expecting their first child together!

    Now, the supernaturally kind and generous couple are sharing their baby joy with kids everywhere, asking their fans to make a donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in lieu of sending them gifts. I caught up with Jared and Gen for an exclusive chat on the genesis of the decision to encourage donations to St. Jude, the sex of their baby, how they’re preparing to be new parents and which traits they hope the baby gets from each one of them!

    Lots of love on Twitter gave the pair the idea to pay it forward and divert gifs to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital…

    Jared told Tonic, “The outcry of love and support (by way of twitter) that we received after announcing our pregnancy was so moving and touching…We had countless inquiries as to where to send presents and cards, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to “give back” by having those gifts go to a charity that we’ve supported. We tried to express that the best way to show us support would not be to support us, but to support ALONGSIDE us.”

    Why they chose St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital…

    “It’s a wonderful charity that we’ve worked with for a while,” Jared said. “St Jude’s Children’s Hospital is a pediatric cancer treatment and research center and It’s a family’s last resort when their young one has been diagnosed with a cancer that’s not covered by insurance and that they don’t have the means to pay for independently. In fact, NO CHILD is EVER denied treatment based on race, religion, or an inability to pay. We both realize and understand that we’ve been so blessed and privileged with our health and independence, and we think it’s important to help others who have not been so fortunate.”

    If they could each have one supernatural power, what would it be and why?

    Jared said, “I would love to be able to survive underwater,” explaining, “It seems like we’ve been able to conquer flying to a degree, but we still can’t explore the depths of the ocean – its scary and exciting to me to think about the unknown down there.”

    Gen said, “ To make time stand still, just so I could enjoy things a little bit longer.

    Get Involved! If you make a donation, Jared and Gen will know it came from you...

    And, if you send a receipt proving your donation of $10 or more to [email protected], I’ll randomly select a donor to receive a personal thank you via Twitter, or other communication medium if you haven’t joined the Twitterverse) from Jared and Gen!!

    They’ve already raised over $12,000 towards their goal of $20,000. Jared said, “The support and congratulatory wishes has been nothing short of amazing and in two short weeks, people have joined together and raised OVER $11,000 for the charity!!!! It’s truly inspiring.”

    You can contribute here:

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