AMC Keeps Rolling with Hell On Wheels

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  • This time around AMC has their sights set on redefining the Western genre with a post-Civil War drama about the railroading of America. Hell on Wheels stars Anson Mount, as a vengeful Confederate, Common, playing and emancipated slave and Colm Meaney rounding out the cast as a corrupt rail entrepreneur.

    Hell on Wheels seems to be another show that looks to make the lead character an anti-hero in the vein of Dexter, Deadwood and AMC’s own Breaking Bad. With The Walking Dead as a lead in, AMC is certainly giving Hell on Wheels it’s best chance success.

    Check out the trailer below.

  • Hell on Wheels star, Common, was in the What’s Trending studio recently talking about the show and dropping some free-style backed up by our own Shira Lazar.

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