An Eclectic Method Remix, LIVE on What’s Trending

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  • Jonny Wilson of Eclectic Method was in our studio and we asked him how mash-ups have evolved over the years. He said it has become such a mainstay of deejaying that, “It’s hard to distinguish a mash-up and just somebody composing.”

    Wilson then went on to say that the key to a good mash-up is, “Contrast. Like Britney Spears and N.W.A.”

    We also gave the deejay a shout out for his fantastic remix of a Donald Glover Childish Gambino song. Wilson revealed that he got to know Donald by contacting him over Twitter and from there the remix just happened.

    Then Jonny Wilson took to his tools of the trade and dropped an amazing, original remix on the What’s Trending audience. Enjoy!

  • What is your favorite remix of all time?

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