John Hodgman on That Is All, Twitter, and Steve Jobs

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  • Hodgman joined us via Skype to talk about his new book That Is All, which completes his Areas Of My Expertise trilogy.

    Hodgman started by telling us about how his books are different from other trivia books. “I decided to do something that other trivia books hadn’t, which is to make up the facts,” he said. He continued to explain that history is full of strangeness and that, “all it takes is a little exaggeration to remind us just how strange, and sometimes funny, it is.”

    From there we discovered Johns true respect for all things Steve Jobs and the amazing tools he created for all of us. The author then offered a striking insight about the power of social media tools. He stated, “Now that we can all have our little media empires…how do we keep talking to each other and not just about ourselves?”

    In case you are worried whether or not Hodgman is doing okay financially, he assured Shira, “When I go to a hotel room, I eat the nuts.”

    Check out our whole interview with John Hodgman right here.

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