Groupon's IPO is Laughing All The Way To The Stock Market
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  • Our panelists gave their two cents about the company, and where it may be headed, even through Marc Maron admitted right off the bat that he has “no idea what a Groupon is.” After Mark Malkoff explained how the platform’s discount service works, Maron said that the IPO “goes to show that anyone can make up numbers and the money is really meaningless.”

    “People get obsessed with it,” said Malkoff.

    “I don’t know what those numbers mean,” said Maron. “It’s obviously part of a bubble. I just hope it doesn’t get the air sucked out of it, and we end up not being able to get coupons at all.”

    Check out our Groupon real time conversation right here.

  • Is this the beginning of a new tech bubble?