How Justin Bieber Rules Social Media

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  • Marc Maron started us off by quipping, “It’s finally happened. As a planet we now have the emotional capacity of a 13-year-old girl.” Mark Malkoff added though that the success of the Bieber brand seems to mostly be a case of, “right time, right place.”

    Maron then took a moment to break down exactly what it is about Bieber that is attractive to each demographic, finishing with the remark, “There are a lot of young boys that think, ‘he’s kind of girly, but you know, he get’s a lot of girls to like him, so maybe I should cut my hair like that.”

    Maron got a big laugh near the end of the segment when we began to discuss the paternity accusations brought against Justin Bieber. “That woman’s accusation goes to show you that he’s not just using social media, that he might be using something else.”

    Watch the full hilarious segment, right here.

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