Unfortunately, #WeCan’tBeTogether

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  • “Listen Twitter, things just aren’t working out anymore. I mean, we had some great times – made some memories, but all good things come to an end. It’s time to say our goodbyes and continue our journey through this life separately. I’ll never forget you, but the bottom line is #WeCan’tBeTogether.”

    In my head, this is the conversation Ashton Kutcher had with his computer screen before turning over all tweeting responsibilities to his “people.” It probably didn’t go exactly like that, but it does fit in well with a new hashtag trending today enabling people to tell that certain someone (or something) that they can either shape up or ship out (is that still a saying? How old am I?).

    My point is, the internet as a vessel for expression and sound-boarding will never cease to amaze me, case in point – a quick search of this hashtag revealed everything from Relationships, to religious views, and even some general hygiene requests. But, at its core, #WeCan’tBeTogether is a tender, sad, self retrospective look inside the lives of strangers (or ‘exactly what Twitter was made for’ however you choose to look at it).

    I’ve compiled a few of my favorite interpretations of this trend below, give them a read and consider for a moment if there’s someone in your life you need to tell #WeCan’tBeTogether to today… and if you come up with one, leave it in the comments – you know, cause misery loves company (people still use that one? Seriously, I’m old).

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