Gabrielle Giffords, Ashton Kutcher and Hunger Games: Trending Now

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  • – After one bad tweet last week, Ashton Kutcher is now having his tweets filtered through his team over at Katalyst Media. Kutcher has been a poster child for Twitter and it will be interesting to see how this move away from personal engagement affects the landscape of the celeb tweeters.

    – Twitter blew up with conversation about the New York City police emptying Zuccotti Park, the birthplace of Occupy Wall Street. A restraining order obtained by the protesters will be heard in court later today.

    – Tweets around Republican debates have been in the hundreds of thousands. After the debate last Saturday, Michelle Bachman asked all her supporters to tweet their outrage about CBS limiting her airtime. You can expect the digital chatter to peak again next Saturday when the “Thanksgiving Family Forum” debate from Iowa will ONLY be viewable streaming online.

    – There were nearly 300,000 tweets in the last 24 hours about the NBA and their rejection of the most recent deal offered by the NBA Owners. The move by the player representatives increases the chance that there will not be an NBA season this year.

    – The first full-length, official trailer for Hunger Games dropped yesterday online and quickly shot up to the number one slot on Google Trends.

    – The What’s Trending Hashtag of the Week is #ThingsPeopleShouldntDo. It has been used in over 180,000 tweets.

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