Karmin: An AMA Award, A Record Deal and A Brand New Single

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  • The interview playfully started out with Shira pointing out how much Nick’s hair has changed since she last saw him.

    From there, Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan explained how phenomenal it feels to be the inaugural American Music Awards New Media Honoree for Best Group. Amy joked, “I thought we were gonna have to put out an album before we won an American Music Award.”

    When the chat turned to the record deal that Karmin recently signed with Sony Music, the team explained how it was perhaps more unique than a typical record deal. Specifically, they wanted to be able to keep doing the YouTube videos that had helped them build their 640,000+ fanbase. “We’re gonna sign with you if you want to help us…We like help, help is good,” Nick said, explaining how they approached deciding who to sign with.

    The couple also told us why they felt that Grammy Award-winner, L.A. Reid, was the right producer for their album. Nick said, “We kind of matched energies. He felt music the same way.”

    Watch the whole, great interview with Karmin right here.

  • Also, take a few minutes to jam out to Karmin’s new single, Crash Your Party.
  • What is your favorite Karmin song?

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