Billy Crystal, Sasha Grey and The Smell of the Internet

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  • First up was Olly, the USB-powered “robot” which takes Internet notifications and turns them into smells. Chris Gore jumped right in with a Dislike for this one, “it’s not gonna affect incense sales, I’m pretty sure.” Sophia Rossi and the audience joined Chris in giving Olly a full round of Dislikes.

    Next we talked about the uproar that former porn star Sasha Grey caused when she volunteered to read to a group of 1st and 3rd graders in the Compton area of Los Angeles. Sophia started us off by saying that she Disliked the parents getting upset because Grey was trying to do something good. She added, “I have a porn star who has the exact same name as me.” Chris agreed with Sophia saying, “If your kids are aware of porn stars, you’re a horrible parent.”

    Finally we talked about Billy Crystal stepping in to host this year’s Academy Awards after Eddie Murphy dropped out. Although Chris said he finds the Oscars fairly “irrelevant,” he gave it a soft Like. Sophia, however, gave it a hearty Like saying, “It makes me feel safe for some reason.”

    Watch the full Like/Dislike segment here.


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