Breaking Dawn: Twi-hards Trump Critics
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  • Devoted Twi-hard fans in Los Angeles have been so anxious to see Edward, Jacob, and Balla on the big screen that they camped out in front of L.A. Live, hoping to score tickets to the premiere. Of course, Twitter and Facebook conversation around the movie has been red hot all week with Facebook likes averaging 30,000 per post. However, reviews of the latest epic vampire installation have been less than stellar.

    What’s Trending panelists Chris Gore and Sophia Rossi shared their takes on movie critic commentary versus social media mentions. “Reviews are irrelevant when it comes to a movie like this,” said Gore. “The audience is going to go see it regardless.” Gore did however, argue that Robert Pattinson stole his haircut.

    When asked who’s opinion she trusts more, film journalists or fans, Rossi said it’s all about her friends. “Being that I have a web site, I would say I would trust my friends online,” shared Rossi. “I don’t really have any critics that I go to for that sort of information.”

    Check out our full conversation on Breaking Dawn and social media.

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