Coach K Reminds Us that NCAA Might Be the Answer to No NBA

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    (Photo: Bob Leverone)

  • Social media erupted last night with praise and congratulations for Duke Men’s Basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski picking up win #903, to become the winningest coach in Division I history. There have been over 45,000 tweets using the term “Coach K.”

    It is important to note that this happened on the same day that NBA Players and NBA Owners ended negotiations and the hopes of a regular NBA season. It’s important because, while the pros are locked in a battle of wills, NCAA Men’s College Basketball is already off to an exciting start, with high expectations for one of the most exciting and competitive seasons in recent history.

    I am not so naive as to say, ‘Why can’t the NBA be more like the NCAA.” The money, the talent and the responsibilities are much different. But, isn’t the passion the same? Love of the game of basketball. And, if you don’t have great passion for the game, your doing yourself and the business of basketball a disservice by continuing to be a part of it at any level.

    Coach K is a perfect example. He turned down a chance to coach the L.A. Lakers, a big money, championship team. When asked about it he said. “Turning down the Lakers was tough, but it is always good to renew your vows to the loves of your life.” He loves the game of basketball and apparently knows that the best way to express that is in the NCAA. And, that is why Coach K will spend this year on the basketball court and not in a court room.

    My final encouragement for everyone involved with the NBA is a quote from the winningest coach in Division I history, “Effective teamwork begins and ends with communication.”

    Here is what some of you have been saying about the NBA and Coach K.

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