3 Things to Prepare You for Black Friday

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  • Thanksgiving is only a week away! While Turkeys nationwide cower in fear, hoping to see Christmas – stores around the country prepare for the number one shopping day of the year, Black Friday. And whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran, here’s three things you need to know before venturing out for this year’s bargain hunting adventure!

    1 . Time Change

    Starting off, you’ll need to know that for the first time (in my lifetime) stores will be opening at Midnight on Black Friday as opposed to the normal 5ish-AM opening time of previous years. This means the era of pulling an all night bender of stuffing and gravy consumption, resulting in an inability to stand up straight, followed by wandering down to your local electronics shop at 3 in the morning looking like a zombie ready to feast, are over! Now, once dinner is complete, just pile your family in the car and grab your place in line at a reasonable hour.

    2. Digital Deals

    Next, If you’re claustrophobic, lazy, or suffer from social anxiety – fear not, you don’t have to be left out of the Black Friday festivities. There are digital deals. Amazon.com has actually already begun enticing customers with daily deals, and starting Friday, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and a slew of others are offering special deals online. For everything you need to know about deals both on and offline, head to www.blackfriday.info where you can find every single BF special your little heart desires.

    3. Beware the Controversy

    Finally, while standing in line (one of the various Black Friday lines you’ll inevitably end of up in) you might be approached by a stranger who asks, “What Would Jesus Buy?” If so, you’ve probably met a supporter of “Buy Nothing Day.” AdBusters.org have set out to help America buy less, yes in direct contrast to the ideals of capitalism that built this grand union. The people over at AdBusters believe that “With catastrophic climate change looming, we the rich one billion people on the planet have to consume less!” Yes, there is a typo in their copy – not judging, just pointing out the facts. Anyway, the point here is – if you’re into the gift giving holidays and Black Friday deals, steer clear of anyone in a cut out paper Jesus mask.

    And, that’s it! You’re officially prepared for Black Friday. Now go get your MP3 player loaded up with Christmas carols, and map out your shopping adventure.

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