David Banner on The Occupy Movement and State of Hip-Hop

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  • We started by talking about David’s recent Black Enterprise article about the “Occupy” movement. Banner told us, “When I got an opportunity to be out there, I realized everybody has their different qualms with the American system right now.” He continued to explain that the fact that all of those vast differences are being expressed together is powerful.

    When the conversation turned to a discussion of the incident at UC Davis last week, David Banner, told us that he was not surprised. He said, “As a young African-American, that is something that we see in our community all the time.”

    Banner also shared some unique insights about the state of hip-hop. “Hip-hop has been affected in the same way America has been affected, there’s really no middle class,” David said.

    David Banner went on to tell us all about what he’s up to now and what social media means to his success.

    You can check it all out in the video below.

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