Dave Coulier and Jodie Sweetin Can’t Get Arrested

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  • The series is a satirical look at how our viral video and tabloid culture affect the lives of actors. If that sounds rather serious, the show is anything but. Coulier made that clear when he told us about one of his early inspirations, “I wanted Mr. Belding (Saved By The Bell) and Kato Kaelin to wrestle in a restaurant.”

    You can tell by their report on our couch that Sweetin and Coulier genuinely make each laugh. And that is ultimately what Can’t Get Arrested is all about. “It does have sort of that Curb Your Enthusiasm feel to it; where it’s “us,” but not really us,” Sweetin said.

    Find out all about the show in segment below.

  • And watch the first episode of Can’t Get Arrested right here.

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