Sexy Men, Buy Nothing and Arrested Development: Like or Dislike

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  • First up was the 20th Anniversary of Buy Nothing Day that has gained extra support this year from “Occupy” movement instigators Ad Busters. Jodie gave it big Like, while Dave adopted a British accent to thrown in a Dislike. “In this economy do you really want people not spending,” Coulier pointed out. The viewers seemed to side with Dave on this one.

    From there we moved on to the web controversy over Bradley Cooper being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Apparently, Ryan Gosling fans were none to pleased. And you can count Jodie Sweetin and Dave Coulier among them. Jodie perhaps a bit more than Dave. She said about running into his in a grocery store recently, “He’s very good looking.” You seemed to agree with our panel nearly 100%.

    We wrapped up the segment with Netflix breathing life back into the Fox series Arrested Development. Everyone gave this comeback story a big Like. Coulier even suggested combining his new webseries with the relaunch, “Why don’t we do a show called Can’t Get Arrested Development?”

    Watch the full of fun segment, right here.

  • What were your biggest Likes and Dislikes of week?

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